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Wealth & Prosperity

In this workshop, participants discuss the universal spiritual teachings of abundance and prosperity and bring forward teachings from the sacred texts of most religions in regards to one’s sacred birthright of wealth and prosperity. Discussion will center around how true wealth pulls us into action to create positive impact in our communities and in our world.

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Authentic Leadership

Becky offers Authentic Leadership programs and retreats for organizations and companies who are interested in creating Authentic Leaders and having a positive impact and creating a lasting legacy within and outside their organizations. Her programs systematically develop and hone the skills of leaders and holds them accountable toward becoming authentic and higher expressions of themselves.

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Becky’s mindfulness and contemplative courses and retreats are designed to support the health and well-being and offer balance, strength and renewal of you, your staff, employees and team. These practices allow the attendees to better respond to life’s challenges in a calm yet powerful and efficient manner.

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