Yoga at Beach

Mindfulness is the ability to observe oneself without judgment of self. You become a witness an observer of your life. From this place of observer, you raise your awareness to a higher consciousness; thus, inviting solutions to life’s situations with grace and ease.

Imagine taking a break from the world and setting aside 1 to 3 days to find and experience new tools which allow you to live with greater ease, joy, depth, resilience and balance. The art of mindfulness and contemplation is the gift you give yourself which will help you live and enjoy your life, family and career more fully for the rest of your life. It allows you to witness areas in our life that are keeping you separate from yourself, your Creator, and others.

Becky’s mindfulness and contemplative courses and retreats are designed to support the health and well-being and offer balance, strength and renewal of you, your staff, employees and team. These practices allow the attendees to better respond to life’s challenges in a calm yet powerful and efficient manner.

Countless research shows that exercises such as listening to ambient sounds and focusing attention on breathing have a profound effect on human physiology, slowing respiration lowering blood pressure levels and reducing harmful levels of stress. These simple practices help to reduce stress, improve performance, and tap into ones creative spirit.

Becky teaches a variety of mindfulness techniques which enhance your overall life and work experience. These retreats and trainings introduce powerful and insightful practices which have lasting impact. These techniques work for any one at any age who is struggling with stress, angst, confusion, irritability, frustration, lack of purpose and drive. Students, leaders and individuals have experienced enhanced the performance, reduced stress, calmness, inspiration and reconnection with self and life’s purpose.

These retreats are perfect for organizations and company’s which desire more unity, calmness and focus.

Becky Benes, MPS. Becky has been studying, practicing and teaching mindfulness, meditation and contemplation since 1989. Her practice has given her and her clients a sense of calm amidst the chaos of life and has transformed her life of stress and dis-ease into a life of peace, inner confidence, and security.

Becky is a transformational speaker and authentic leadership specialist, columnist, and retreat leader. She earned her Master Degree in Pastoral Studies from Loyola University with a focus on Spirituality. She has worked with individuals and organization to help them shift their careers and jobs into their life’s vocation.

It is her passionate desire to guide people into a deeper spiritual and authentic life so that they may experience inner peace which creates peace in our world.

Becky believes that when individuals experience the peace that surpasses understanding and achieve inner-peace, we will experience PEACE ON EARTH.