Negotiation Tips

Things to consider before negotiating a raise or promotion or new job.

Always consider win/win/win: win for company, win for client and win for you.  Make sure you are contributing to success of the company, client and yourself.

Prepare, prepare, prepare:

It all begins with understanding and showcasing your value and owning your worth.  It’s not always about Degrees, education, and certification.  Consider how you deal with stressful situations.  How you exceed expectations of the company, your boss, your clients.  How you work with a team and/or diversity.  Think about what you bring to the table and how your value enhances the value of the company, their customers and clients, and their employees.

Own your power and shine:

Yes, you get to share all of your personal and career successes, advancements, achievements, and all personal and career growth and personal development.

Always dress for the job you want not the one you have.  Personal appearance matters.

Get Real:

Research the market and geographic rates for your role to ensure that your request, while ambitious, is realistic.  As a woman, know what men are paid for your same position.

Have powerful intentions and courageous conversations:

Be prepared for what you want.  Be clear, specific and concise about what you want and what your minimum number is and other benefits. Remember, a negotiation is two sided and you never ever want to make the first offer. Always let them go first so that they show their hand first. Then you may either  accept, reject or  counter offer.  You can always request to consider their offer for a day or even a few minutes.

Make sure to notice the numbers and determine if they meet your pre-determined numbers.   Once you make your counter offer,  the ball is in their court. They are the next to move.  Be quiet and wait for their response. Hold on to and confidently stand in your power, your value and your worth.

You may consider adding incremental reviews which allow for promotions and pay increases.

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