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Coins in hand with growing leavesLiving a life of abundance and prosperity is our sacred birthright. However, many of us are plagued with conscious and unconscious limiting mindsets and beliefs around money which sabotage our ability to make powerful and profitable decisions, take authentic action and create prosperous lives.

Prosperity is more than having money in the bank. It is our ability to enjoy whole life balance, wealth, health, and success in our lives, business and relationships. It is knowing and trusting in the Universal Laws of Abundance and prosperity and taking courageous, confident and consistent action.

According to the Law of Abundance and Supply found in most all faith traditions, God supplies all of our needs from a place of abundance and unlimited potential. However, many people are taught and/or suppressed with the idea of lack and limits. We adopt beliefs and mindsets which keep us trapped in a place of poverty.

Operating from a place of lack and limits create competitive work environments, struggle, conflict and fear. When we live from a place of fear, we remain stuck in a state of physical, emotional and spiritual poverty and disempowerment.

However, when we awaken to our Divinity and live in accordance with the deeper and fundamental laws common in all spiritual teachings, we rise above the mindset of competition, struggle and conflict and see the unlimited potential in all people. From this place of unlimited potential, we engage from a place of creativity where there is never a sense of lack, as each person becomes their own creator of wealth.

As a person creates wealth from this place of creativity, enthusiasm and possibility, our world changes and the great division of wealth and poverty lessen. As empowered people free from fear, we aspire to work for the common good of all.

At our core, we are called to live a life of peace, joy and prosperity; however, so many of us have adopted the idea that life is a struggle, competitive and limited. Throughout history, men and women have been oppressed by religious leaders and spiritual teachings in regards to the ability to make money and create wealth.Thus, keeping them victims and helpless in their communities. By reclaiming wealth and prosperity as our Divine birthright, we reclaim our humanity.

From this place of empowerment, we are no longer the victims of our circumstances, we become co-creators of our lives.

In this workshop, we will discuss the universal spiritual teachings of abundance and prosperity and bring forward teachings from the sacred texts of most religious in regards to one’s sacred birthright of wealth and prosperity. We will discuss how true wealth pulls us into action to create positive impact in our communities and in our world.

This is an engaging workshop where participants will grapple with, heal, and shift their own mindsets, beliefs, and values which keep them stuck in poverty, limited and lack mindsets. We will tap into the creative resources within and brainstorm ways to lessen the gap between the haves and have not’s.

Who will benefit from this program:

Anyone who:

  • Has a desire to make a greater impact in our world
  • Resists a life of wealth and prosperity due to mindsets and beliefs that keep them stuck and disempowered
  • Wants to understand and heal the subconscious limiting beliefs around abundance and wealth, so that they can step into their greater self.
  • Breakthrough Financial Insecurities Now

Men and women will both benefit from this program as they will learn the sacred teachings which empower both men and women to be fiscally responsible and empowered. Throughout history, men and women have been oppressed by religious leaders and spiritual teachings in regards to the ability to make money and create wealth. Thus, keeping them victims and helpless in their communities. As these mindsets and beliefs grow and establish deep roots within ourselves and our society, we witness a greater gap between the rich and the poor.

How will you know if this is for you?

  • You feel guilt, shame and doubt around investing in yourself or being wealthy.
  • You never feel satisfied that you are enough, have enough, earn enough.
  • You hesitate to take financial risk even if there is potential to gain much.
  • You use money as a tool to gain status, recognition and to enhance your image.
  • You feel like you are a slave to money, that it controls you.
  • You often over give and under charge for your services.
  • You eagerly help others financially at the risk of your own financial well-being.
  • You inwardly feel vulnerable or insecure about your ability to create and save money.

What will you gain?

As with any program, your results are dependent on the program you chose and your commitment to the work.
However, those who have committed to the work have experienced some of the following:

  • Understand your Sacred Money Archetype and Sacred Money Contract (your relationship with money)
  • Identify and heal your emotional money triggers,
  • Gain confidence in your relationship with money.
  • Engage in courageous money conversations.
  • Clean up your money clutter.
  • Establish effective and easy money systems.
  • Create profitability.
  • Understand your value and charge what you are worth.
  • Release negative emotions around money.
  • Plug money leaks and drains.
  • Understand the spiritual laws of abundance, prosperity and wealth.
  • Claim you spiritual birthright and step into your roles as kin to Royalty.


VIP Plus: Consists of one live or virtual 4 hour kick start VIP day; 6 content rich instructional calls with Q&A; work with an accountability partner and one year of email follow up.

#1: Clearing Your Money Clutter
This is a 13 week group program where we identify and beginning healing your money mindsets, beliefs, triggers, and establish money systems and habits for you to begin standing in your power around money.

#2: Creating Prosperity
This is a 6 month group program which focuses on owning your money power, expanding your vision of wealth and taking massive action to create the life that you want.

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