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Sheila Tomerlin
Sheila TomerlinNational Marketing Director for Juice Plus+
The late Jim Rohn once said, “You cannot succeed by yourself. It’s hard to find a rich hermit.” Everyone needs a coach or mentor and thankfully I found Becky. She has helped me get back on the right path. I have a successful growing home-based business and my time management; spiritual time, goal setting and leadership skills were in disarray. After a very short time with Becky everything was back on track. To be in control of my time and learning to set boundaries has put new life back in my business! My excitement has definitely been contagious. Our team is growing more now than ever before!

Thank you Becky for sharing your gift of mentorship and for keeping me accountable!

Cindy Horton
Cindy HortonVP of Programs, Texas Business Women-Frisco
This investment into me was worth every amount of money spent. If I had to do it all over again, the only thing I would change is I would do it sooner in life. I believe that there is greatness within everyone, but very few of us tap into it for various reasons. I now understand the past decisions I have made regarding money, and why I gave my power away. I am more conscious about my money and I think more about why I choose to spend my money. Also, having an action plan allows me to stay in control, so, whenever possible I will create one to help decrease my anxiety with major life events.
Janie L. Kelley
Janie L. KelleyUnityofsanangelo.org
Becky Benes is one of the most creative, motivated and enthusiastic leaders with which I have had the pleasure to work. She not only has the ability to come up with creative ideas but the amazing ability to take an idea and “flesh it out” until it becomes a reality.

I have attended her workshops and I love how she is able to organize and present in a way that relates to her audience. She has an open, sincere way of relating to people that helps to put them at ease.

Laura Whisenhunt
Laura WhisenhuntPresident Texas Business Women Association, San Angelo, TX
Becky Benes with Oneness of Life worked with the Texas Business Women Association to help create, facilitate and coach our members through the launch of our Premier Membership Program. Her style is warm, inspirational and honest. Her ability to engage the group and help them tap into underlying sabotaging issues was enlightening; she really helped each person, through real examples, get to the core issues and helped build us back up.
Becky is an authentic presenter, a stimulating facilitator and a motivating coach. Overall the group LOVED Becky and were accountable through the process.
As a participant of this program, I found working with and being with Becky to be exciting and uplifting. Becky provided the focus for the group, and as a result, we can continue to build our Premier Membership Program. As women helping women, we have a powerful message! As Texas Business Women, we are also, “Trail Blazing Women” to continue to empower other women.
Jennifer Johnson
Jennifer JohnsonCoach of the Feminine Soul
I can never express in words the gratitude I feel for Becky and how blessed I am that she has been with me every step of the way!

After implementing the systems and practices that Becky uses in her program, I was able to take my income from $0 to $2497 in seconds after I hung up the phone! It was amazing—everything she just said to implement worked! She has held me accountable as I went from peanuts to over 6 figures in just one year! Not only are her systems and material effective; she provides a different style of a creative and supportive partnership that makes making money and marketing my business fun and exciting.

I love, love, love her and recommend her to anyone wanting to leverage their time and make and keep more of the money they earn.

Karolynn Ward Davis
Karolynn Ward DavisMammoth Living Wellness
Becky is gifted AND a gift…and so is her Authentic Business and Prosperity Program. I’m becoming a clearer receptor and conduit for abundance already; and feel certain that I’ll be better able to fulfill my dream of freeing others from physical and financial pain through my Isagenix business. Within a couple of weeks of starting, Becky helped me get in touch with and release some old stuck energy around money, which I know has been the cause of my repeated pattern of sabotaging my own success. With very few words, she’s able to intuitively sense what’s going on, extract the issues and reflect them back in a way that provides amazing clarity. I’m already experiencing tangible shifts in my business. For five years I’ve been seeking a like minded local couple as partners and dreaming of having my husband join me in my business. Both of these desires have effortlessly become a reality since starting my coaching with Becky. That’s progress, and we’ve only just begun!
Donna Brosh
Donna BroshResource Development Executive, San Angelo
Becky is a catalyst and a visionary for change. She used her visionary insights and expertise to help us present an event to elevate our image in the community, reach quality businesses, engage amazing women, and raise funds for our organization. She is a joy to work with and she has impactful and effective ideas. If your organization or business is looking to creative and effective, high producing team, I highly recommend Becky to help you to open your organization to its’ full potential.
Nancy Henderson
Nancy HendersonFormer Executive Director of the Girl Scouts–El Camino Council
Becky is a visionary and is always seeing the big picture. She has a special gift of recognizing the potential of others and inspires them into achieving their goals.

Becky Benes worked with our organization to develop and expand two of our fund raisers. She exhibits strength by believing in individuals, maintaining positive relationships, building cohesive teams as well as the ability to pull people together to get things done.

In our case, Becky was able to do the impossible and take our programs and fund raisers to the next level of Success.

Dr. Harbeen Arora
Dr. Harbeen AroraGlobal Chairperson, ALL Ladies League (ALL) and Women Economic Forum
Becky brings with her an authenticity and a heart fully open to diversity – ALL that we celebrate at the WEF as well.
Slade Moffatt
Slade MoffattElitephysiquetans.com
I am the owner of two successful very service oriented brick and mortar businesses which I have run for the past 20 years. However, as we have grown, I had not moved from being “self-employed” to a “business owner.” This means, prior to working with Becky, I was doing the jobs of 5 or more people, afraid to delegate work to my employees and my bookkeeping and money management was overwhelming and months behind.

I was doing it all. I had no energy or mental clarity. I was over-committed, stressed and experiencing no joy in my business, as a mom, or a volunteer in the community.

With Becky’s coaching and content rich program, I created and implemented effective and manageable business systems which freed up my time and empowered my employees. In so doing, I now focus on income generating activities and reviving the part of my business which I am most passionate. I gained insights into simple ways to think about and do things differently which empowered me to make needed changes.

Becky opened my eyes to my life’s purpose, guided and held me accountable and powerful as I took the necessary steps toward growth and balance in my life and my business.

I went from scattered to focused and grounded; discontent to peaceful and happy; overwhelmed to more balanced and systematized; ridden with guilt to peace of mind, comfort and happy. I am more grounded and on purpose; therefore, my life and business run more smoothly and efficiently.