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Becky J. Benes is a transformational speaker, authentic leadership specialist, columnist, and retreat leader. She transforms and inspires audiences and organizations from across the globe to awaken to their inner brilliance, take inspired actions, live authentically, and manifest miracles. Becky works with groups, organizations and leaders to become inspirations to others, create positive, prosperous and empowering environments within their organizations and communities, and establish authentic and sustainable missions, mindsets, and beliefs which become the filter through which all decisions are made.

Becky is fun, humorous, inspiring and transparent. She brings simplicity to complex issues, levity to life’s challenges, and powerful insights and direction to people who want to live an authentic, purposeful and inspired life. In so doing, they positively impact their families, communities, and businesses leaving a lasting legacy for the greater good with grace and ease.

It is Becky’s passionate desire to guide people into a deeper spiritual and authentic life so that they may experience inner peace which creates peace in our world. With the insights of Universal Spiritual Principles, Becky helps people to understand who they are, why they are here, and how to live a life of authenticity, inspiration and mindfulness as well as experience abundant peace, joy, and happiness.

Becky earned her Master Degree in Pastoral Studies from Loyola University with a focus on Spiritual Direction and her Bachelor of Business Administration with minors in Marketing, Psychology, and German from Angelo State University. Becky is happily married with two daughters.


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Dr. John Gray

Bestselling Author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

Kendall Summerhawk

Founder of the International Association of Women in Coaching

Jack Canfield

Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul

Immaculée Ilibagiza

Author of Left to Tell
Featured on PBS with
Dr. Wayne Dyer

Andrea & Journey Henkart

Authors of
Cool Communications

“Everyone needs a coach or mentor and thankfully I found Becky. She has helped me get back on the right path. Thank you Becky for sharing your gift of mentorship and for keeping me accountable!”

Sheila Tomerlin, National Marketing Director for Juice Plus+

“This investment into me was worth every amount of money spent. If I had to do it all over again, the only thing I would change is I would do it sooner in life.”

Cindy Horton, VP of Programs, Texas Business Women-Frisco

“Becky Benes is one of the most creative, motivated and enthusiastic leaders with which I have had the pleasure to work. She not only has the ability to come up with creative ideas but the amazing ability to take an idea and “flesh it out” until it becomes a reality.

I have attended her workshops and I love how she is able to organize and present in a way that relates to her audience. She has an open, sincere way of relating to people that helps to put them at ease.”

Janie L. Kelley, Unityofsanangelo.org

“Becky is an authentic presenter, a stimulating facilitator and a motivating coach. Overall the group LOVED Becky and were accountable through the process.

As a participant of this program, I found working with and being with Becky to be exciting and uplifting.”

Laura Whisenhunt, President Texas Business Women Association, San Angelo, TX

“After implementing the systems and practices that Becky uses in her program, I was able to take my income from $0 to $2497 in seconds after I hung up the phone! It was amazing—everything she just said to implement worked! She has held me accountable as I went from peanuts to over 6 figures in just one year! Not only are her systems and material effective; she provides a different style of a creative and supportive partnership that makes making money and marketing my business fun and exciting.

I love, love, love her and recommend her to anyone wanting to leverage their time and make and keep more of the money they earn.”

Jennifer Johnson, Coach of the Feminine Soul

“For five years I’ve been seeking a like minded local couple as partners and dreaming of having my husband join me in my business. Both of these desires have effortlessly become a reality since starting my coaching with Becky. That’s progress, and we’ve only just begun!”

Karolynn Ward Davis, Mammoth Living Wellness

“Becky is a catalyst and a visionary for change. She used her visionary insights and expertise to help us present an event to elevate our image in the community, reach quality businesses, engage amazing women, and raise funds for our organization.”

Donna Brosh, Resource Development Executive, San Angelo
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