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Authentic Leadership

An authentic leader is one who is in alignment with one’s highest purpose in their mind, beliefs, and decisions. From this place, they take inspired and mindful actions which impact the greater good of all creating sustainable and win/win/win outcomes.

Authentic leaders:

  • Embrace the process of reaching ones fullest potential.
  • Open themselves to know and accept themselves unconditionally.
  • Willingly tap into their innate abilities and creativity.
  • Take full responsibility for their life and courageously challenge their fears and resistance to living fully.
  • Understand the importance of unity and Oneness.

Authentic leaders also:

  • Operate in integrity with his/her core values.
  • Make a stand for the greater good.
  • Create sustainable and win/win/win strategies.
  • Respect themselves and practice exquisite self-care.
  • Encourage cooperation.
  • Understand and respect the value of each person on their team and within their organization.
  • Constantly invest in themselves and expand their knowledge.
  • Expect and allow others to show up authentically.
  • Leave a lasting legacy.

Authentic leaders are:

  • Comfortable in their own skin.
  • Loving, compassionate and accepting of others.
  • Honest and encouraging.
  • Vulnerable and transparent.
  • In alignment with their core values and walk their talk.
  • Courageous and face diversity and fear with faith and inspired action.
  • Committed to creating communities working toward a higher purpose and lasting friendships.
  • Creative and visionaries, ever expanding their impact for the greater good.
  • Constantly upping their standards of excellence.
  • Enthusiastic.
  • Responsive and proactive not reactive.
  • Efficient

Becky offers Authentic Leadership programs and retreats for organizations and companies who are interested in creating Authentic Leaders and having a positive impact and creating a lasting legacy within and outside their organizations.

Her programs systematically develop and hone the skills of leaders and holds them accountable toward becoming authentic and higher expressions of themselves.

As a visionary and a catalyst for change, her programs are designed enhance what is working and expand what is possible for the employees, teams and organizations.

If you are interested in visiting with Becky to see how she may support you and your organization, please contact her at 325-949-1450 or send her an email.